PC Maintenance Technology

Associate Degree

Career Outlook

Your New Career
Work as a Desktop System Installer for a small business or a large corporation. Whichever you choose, you'll have the skills for the job.

  • No experience necessary. The Associate Degree courses in PC Maintenance Technology are designed so even beginners can learn quickly.
  • Earn your Associate Degree in as little as 14 months, with appropriate transfer credit, by studying in the comfort of your own home and at your own convenience.
  • Work for an existing PC repair shop or manufacturer, or start your own business.
  • Start your career in one of the hundreds of computer retail stores located all across the country.
  • Increase your career options and earning power in this rewarding career field.
  • Work as a help desk technician, providing help to users with hardware and software problems, as well as performing maintenance tasks as needed.

PC Maintenance Technicians repair and maintain the machines used by companies to complete business operations every day. This makes them an important part of information technology teams in all types of industries. Apply the skills you learn in your degree training program diligently for a successful and secure future.

Your New Skills
You’ll learn every important part of being a PC Maintenance Technician:

  • Details about Internet security
  • Working with computer networks and internet applications
  • Understanding memory, hard drives, CD and DVD drives
  • Working with Microsoft® Windows® XP
  • Maintaining Apple® Computers
  • Working with notebooks, laptops, and PDAs
  • Understanding and resolving networking issues
  • Programming in CGI/PERL, Java,™ and HTML coding

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