Penn Foster News | January 2008

December is typically the month we give gifts to each other. January is the month we give gifts to ourselves. It might be a huge sale at a nearby superstore or online. It might be membership in a fitness center that follows a new year’s resolution. Better yet, it might be an action to increase knowledge and improve career opportunities — like signing up for a new educational or training program, taking the next exam, exploring new job possibilities or interacting more often with a learning partner.

As a Penn Foster student you have given yourself such a gift. You have given yourself the gift of learning in a targeted way that will open new career options for you and could change your life. What a gift!

This gift might not feel totally comfortable yet — sort of like a new pair of shoes. But if you use this gift regularly, you will be amazed at how comfortable it will feel after a while — sort of like those shoes you just live in.

We know that independent learning isn’t easy, especially for people whose lives are incredibly full. But remember that being an independent learner doesn’t mean learning alone. We at Penn Foster College certainly see ourselves as one of your learning partners. We want you to succeed and advance in your life and career, so feel free to ask us for help anytime. Our faculty and student advisors will be happy to respond.

Also, have you ever thought about asking a friend to be a learning partner? He or she could simply ask you on a regular basis how you are handling your gift of independent learning. Or, perhaps this person might even sign up for the same program and learn with you. Either way, such a person could be one more gift for you and help make 2008 a VERY HAPPY YEAR.

Enjoy your gift of independent learning this year.

Richard W. Ferrin, Ph.D.
President, Penn Foster College

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Our Penn Foster Student Website is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you with almost all of your servicing needs. Many of our students regularly use this service to quickly access information regarding their account. If you’re not familiar with the services our website offers or if you’re a little timid on the computer, we’ve provided step-by-step instructions to help you out. Click here.

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There is no one better qualified to encourage our students than someone who has personally experienced and met the challenges of distance learning. Many students need inspiration, motivation, and support just to enroll, as well as continue with and complete their studies. Email your story to [email protected], or mail it to Jim Healey, c/o Penn Foster, 925 Oak St., Scranton, PA 18515. We would love to hear from you.

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