Penn Foster News | January 2008

Like Baking a Pie...Try this Formula for Success

Being successful is no more difficult than baking a pie. It’s a simple, easy, step-by-step process according to Edward Brancheau, author of web article “Like Baking a Pie...Here Is Your Formula for Success!”

1. Think about who you are or want to be and make a declaration, like “I am the possibility of being adventurous and charming.”

2. Now that you have created a possibility for your life, stand in that possibility and think about what your life will look like three years from now. Think about what you will have or be doing. To create the next three years of your life, really stand in the future, as if you are looking back on what you have already accomplished.

3. Every three months create goals based on your three-year vision. When you create your goals each quarter, remember to see yourself standing in the future, looking back on what you have accomplished over the last three years.

4. Create a workbook to prioritize your actions each week, which will serve as your recipe for success as it puts your actions in the right order. One of the biggest and most frequently made mistakes is not writing things down. Talk to just about any highly successful person and they will tell you that they have a list of goals, so why wouldn’t you?

This structure is the greatest key to success. Why? Because it grants you the capability to create goals, intentions, and possibilities while, at the same time, keeping you on track.

It’s that simple! It’s that easy! Now you have your goals for the next three months set in addition to your three-year goals. So, what do you have to do to guarantee the results you set out to achieve? Monitor and complete your goals that you declare on a weekly basis in your workbook. Remember, you eat an elephant one bite at a time!

To read more about this formula for success, visit the link below.