Penn Foster News | May 2008

Message to Our Students
from the Director of Student Services

It begins and ends with you...

Penn Foster’s success as an institution of distance learning is defined by your success as a student and graduate. Student achievement is foremost in the minds of the staff at Penn Foster and our objective is to provide an academic experience supported by a range of services designed to exceed, rather than meet, your expectations. Knowing that there are many options available to advance your education, we consider ourselves privileged that you selected Penn Foster.

“The satisfaction of helping others achieve their goals
is the greatest reward anyone can receive.”

—Student Services Mission Statement

This privilege can only be earned when we consistently provide GREAT service; whether you’re interacting with Student Services or your instructors, your complete satisfaction is of the utmost importance. We recognize the fact that every interaction you have with our staff will influence how you view Penn Foster from that point forward. In effect, we must prove to you that you made the right decision in selecting Penn Foster each and every time you reach out to us for guidance and support.

To provide GREAT service, we know we must look for ways to be better, continuously challenging ourselves to create better programs, better services and new technologies; all with an emphasis on making your experience with Penn Foster the very best it can be. With every improvement our goal is to make you, our student, the beneficiary. This year you will see a new and improved automated phone service, expanded services on the student website, and new programs that will give you the opportunity to expand upon your skills and increase your value in a highly competitive job market.

You may have read brochures or other letters/communications from us that state although you learn at home, you are never alone. It’s important that you see your support staff at Penn Foster as a partner in your success. Look to us for guidance, solutions, encouragement and compassion. Know that we are energized by your success; cheering you on as you work toward graduation and brimming with pride when you land that new job that earning your diploma or certificate made possible.

With every interaction, every improvement, and every success, the people of Penn Foster know that it begins and ends with you.

Best regards,

Mark Slayton
Director, Student Services