Penn Foster News | November 2008
Veteran's Day - November 11th

Veterans, we at Penn Foster College thank you for your commitment and sacrifice in serving our country, and we honour your courage and experience. This issue of Penn Foster News is dedicated to you.

Originally known as Armistice Day, Veterans Day is the international holiday which commemorates the ending of World War I on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918. Veterans Day, also called Remembrance Day and Poppy Day in other parts of the world, honours members of the armed forces living and deceased, whether or not they have served in a conflict. Please read about your fellow student, Sgt. Donald P., who serves in the United States Marine Corps.

Sgt. Donald P. of Elmira Heights, NY

Student Spotlight

of Elmira Heights, NY

“I am currently a student taking the Business Management Associate Degree Program. I was born in Elmira, NY. After high school graduation, I enlisted in the USMC. I spent three years at 8th & I marine barracks in Washington D.C. I then spent one year in Okinawa, Japan. Nice place, by the way. I spent two further years in the inactive reserve for the Corps. I moved to Ocean Springs, Mississippi, about 60 days before hurricane Katrina demolished the area I lived in. I struggled with various side roofing jobs for about seven months. I was living in a car. Then I decided to join the Army as a Combat Engineer. After my schooling, I was selected to be a Specialized Search Dog Handler. SSD handler searches with a dog off-leash to detect explosives, explosive making material, and weapons of any sort. I then deployed to Iraq in November of 2007. My dog has done some outstanding stuff.

I started attending Penn Foster back in April of ’08. It’s the perfect situation for deployed soldiers. There is not a lot of pressure like other schools put on you. I enjoy being able to have the ability to do all my school work without access to the Internet, if I needed.”

                —Sgt. Donald P.

Penn Foster is happy to report that both Sgt. Donald P. and SSD Braco recently returned from their tour in Iraq and are in the United States.

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Muhammad K. of United Arab Emirates

Student Spotlight

of United Arab Emirates

Muhammad almost gave up on his dreams and his education. Since he was a boy he wanted to become a doctor to help others. He was in the top of his classes and studied hard to prepare for the exams. Unfortunately, his score was a few points short to be admitted to medical college. He decided to give up on his education. However, a caring teacher urged and advised him to change directions and pursue another course of study. Eventually Mohammad heeded the teacher’s advice and gained admission to a Bachelor of Arts Degree. He states:

“I’m writing a true story about my struggle in life. Hopefully, it will encourage others. I was born in Pakistan. In 1987, after passing the B.A. exam, I migrated to United Arab Emirates to search for a good job. I got a job in a local bank but only as an office boy. The bank offered me a salary of just 1302 dirham (US $340) per month. I had to accept this job because typing, shorthand, and computer skills were not known to me.”

Later Muhammad saw one of our advertisements published in his local newspaper. He enrolled in two of our Career Diploma programs in order to learn more about computers and graphic arts. He completed them both with an A average and he requested a promotion at the bank. His employer stated that he must pass five computer related tests to qualify for a higher designation. Mohammad did pass the tests with flying colors and was immediately given the promotion and a substantial increase in salary.

“Now, I’m working as a teller and getting a handsome salary of 11550 dirham (US
$3150). Thanks to Penn Foster, the institution that changed my life. Just compare the salary increases from US $340 to US $3150. Hard work and continuous struggle in life never goes unrewarded. I worked hard and God gave me the fruit. Currently, I’m studying for my Associate Degree through Penn Foster College to learn about the Internet and multimedia design. After completing this degree, hopefully my salary will increase again. Now I’m very comfortable in United Arab Emirates with my wife, Ayesha, and two children. Behind this comfort, there is a long struggle, as I mentioned above. Nothing is impossible in this world. But, success is not possible without hard work and proper guidance. I strongly recommend everyone to choose those courses from Penn Foster College which are related to their jobs to earn more money.”

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