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Back to School Message

Dear Students,

As the faculty of Penn Foster, We’d like to impress on you the great appreciation we have for the amazing reach of Penn Foster. In addition to the international students enrolled in a Penn Foster program, add the many thousands of current American and Canadian enrollments, and you begin to understand the impressive number of “classmates” you have.

Why do we point this out?

It’s certainly not to make you feel insignificant. On the contrary. If you’re a typical Penn Foster College student, you are a busy adult facing issues and challenges that are shared by many fellow classmates.

This is a reminder that there are many students wrestling with the same time restraints and the daily exhaustion of a busy life in order to get an education. So now at the start of this fall season we just wanted you to know that you are not alone. Not only do we, the faculty, try our best to give you the support you want and need, but you are not alone even among your classmates. In the near future we will be launching a new forum for Penn Foster students who are enrolled in the same program to share their experiences. In this way, a student in this large educational institution will be able to feel part of a community of similar learners.

Continue with your studies, fight for the education you want, and we will be here to support you in any way that we can.

The Faculty
Penn Foster College

ANGELA B. of Somerset, PA

Student Spotlight
ANGELA B. of Somerset, PA


“The instructors and student services staff at Penn Foster were always available to assist me. I have been able to regularly employ the skills and concepts that I learned in the classroom. I would recommend this course of study to anyone who is considering working with preschool or elementary age children.”

According to the 2008 Outstanding Graduate Program of DETC, “Success as educators is best measured not in terms of standardized test scores by cohorts of students, not by the dry-as-dust metrics for the sundry outcomes assessment programs all of us in education have been engaging in these past few years, and not in completion and job placement statistics. Our success is best viewed through the lens of what happened to those whose lives we have touched: did they put their knowledge and skills to work to make a better life for themselves and their loved ones?”

We are proud to select Angela, Associate of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education, as the Penn Foster College 2008 Outstanding Graduate for DETC. The criteria used in our selection included academic records and the level and quality of their contributions to society and to their chosen professions.

Read more about Angela’s interesting story here.


Brenda M. of Vero Beach, Florida“The courses are very enjoyable as well as challenging…a person like me has to hold down a day job and I really don’t think I could keep up with the demands of going to a full-time college. With my classes at home, it is easy to just pick a time and a quiet place to do my lessons.”

Brenda M. is determined to work in a career that brings her joy as well as pays the bills. Brenda found that lifelong training and education have enriched her life on a personal level and a professional capacity.

Brenda obtained her cosmetology license early in her life but began her career working in a school with physically impaired, preschool age children. It gave her great pleasure to watch children progress through the 13 years that she worked in the school. She had hoped to work in that job forever. Eventually, rules and laws changed in the education field and a college degree was required to work in the same capacity.

Brenda then worked as a cosmetologist for many years, all the while missing working with children. She continued to educate herself. She earned an Artist diploma and then a Physical Therapy Aide diploma through Penn Foster. Eventually she secured a position as a teacher assistant in an elementary school. She is now working on her Associate of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education and is overjoyed to work again with physically challenged children. She states: “I am 50 years old now, and I am so glad that I can still hold a day job and go to college.” Brenda, we at Penn Foster College are proud to call you one of our students and graduates.

Denise A. of Marietta, Georgia“After getting married and moving across the country, I wondered what I would do next in the way of a career. After spending many years in the mortgage industry and suddenly having the market come to a halt, I knew that this was definitely the time to make a change. I had heard of Penn Foster College many years ago and decided to go on-line and do some extensive research…and it was only a few days later I enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Program. Every course I have taken has enhanced my life in some way. The instructors have been very friendly and helpful when I have had those occasional questions. My confidence level has risen since going back to school because I know I have the motivation and desire to continue my education, while maintaining a high GPA. Since enrolling with Penn Foster College, I also started working at a private Christian school and just this year was offered a job as a kindergarten teacher. For me, this is a dream come true. It’s scary to start a whole new career, but my choice to take on-line courses was the best decision I could have made. I have no regrets and encourage anyone who has any doubts to make that call. Fortunately, Penn Foster College makes tuition affordable, which was another selling point for me. Thank you, Penn Foster College, for making my dreams come true!”

Stephanie M. of Encino, California“I am so grateful that I found Penn Foster College. I am currently enrolled in the Early Childhood Education degree program. This is my second program through Penn Foster, I previously completed the Paralegal Certificate program. This school is ideal for me while a traditional college is too confining. As a result of being in this program, I was invited to attend a training program ‘Partners in Play’ offered by Hand In Hand — a child development center in Encino. At any age you can have your light bulb moment…for me it came twenty years after high school. I had concerns about my children and their development…I want to make a difference in the lives of children. Through this program I am acquiring the tools I need to accommodate my decision to reach as many children as I can. The courses are challenging and rewarding. Thanks to Penn Foster College I have grown…as a student and a parent.

Penn Foster College Dean’s List

Click here to view the list of students who have recently achieved the Dean’s List honour and who have agreed to have their names listed. Congratulations to all!

Five Steps to an
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According to Eric Presley CTO for, the Internet has changed the way we apply for jobs. Given the increasing number of online job boards, an electronic resume may be necessary to apply for jobs.
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We are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to reach out to our students. Most recently, Penn Foster has embraced the social networking services of MySpace and Facebook as its newest medium to interact with students and graduates. By using MySpace and Facebook, we hope to build a community. So please become a fan or friend of Penn Foster. Anyone can join. Penn Foster is entering into social networking, and it all starts right here with you.

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