Penn Foster News | March 2009

You did WHAT?  Privacy Checklist for Job Search

When you’re job searching, personal information can easily be found online by potential employers. In fact, according to an Employer Survey on, almost half of the respondents say they check candidates on Google or other search engines. So, as an applicant, it’s important to ensure that all your communications are professional. Periodically check all the information you have (or someone else has about you) online.

To help avoid unpleasant surprises during the hiring process, here are five things you should check:

Email — Avoid mixing business with pleasure — have a dedicated email address and screen name that you use just for job searching.

Google — Google yourself periodically to see what information people can find about you on the Internet.

Blogs — If you have a blog or if your friends write about you, check to make sure what is there is appropriate, including photos.

Social Networking — Take a look at your profile, your pictures, and who is linked from your site, and vice versa. If you’re concerned, change your profile to private and be most careful about the front page, which may be viewable by anyone.

Online Job Search Privacy — Personal information has been stolen from job search sites and people have scammed unsuspecting job seekers. On your resume never include: Date of Birth; Passport Number; Driver’s License Number; Bank Account Number; Credit Card Information; PayPal Account Number; Mother’s Maiden Name; Spouse’s Name.

So, be careful what you share. Consider that anyone and everyone will see and read it. There’s more helpful information on this topic in the original article at by Alison Doyle.