Penn Foster News | May 2009

Work/Life Balance Developing a Personal Strategic Plan

According to author Tracy A. Green many of us, especially working parents, struggle to keep balance in their lives and reach goals. Tracy suggests the use of tricks from the work place to develop a personal strategic plan. What comes so naturally for us at work can be daunting when focused on our personal life. Here are a few steps that can aid you in developing a personal strategic plan:

Step One: Identify Your Core Values: What Matters Most in Your Life.

Step Two: Develop a Personal Vision Statement: What you want your life to be like in the future.

Step Three: Build Priorities: Goals that must be Achieved to Realize Your Vision.

Step Four: Develop Targeted Initiatives: How you will Accomplish Your Goals.

Step Five: Commit to Actions: What you will do to Advance Your Initiatives.

Personal strategic planning can help to identify our hopes for the future, set goals, and implement tactics to create balance in our life; in turn, reducing frazzled-working-parent-syndrome. Having a plan also helps us better manage our time, be more efficient, and even save money in the process. If you are struggling to find balance in your life, in any area, consider developing a strategic plan.

Tracy A. Green is Founder of and the author of "How to be a Smart Working Mom E-Workbook: Building Your Personal Roadmap to a Balanced Life as a Working Mom."