Penn Foster News | May 2009
Faces of Penn Foster

In honour of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in this issue of Faces of Penn Foster, we are proud to highlight some of our hardworking students who are also Moms and Dads. Thank you to all our students who shared their story with us.

JOSE R. of West Covina, CA JOSE R. of West Covina, CA

“I run my own business and it’s doing great but I’ve always dreamed of having my degree.”

“After taking my first exams for my AS in Business Management and getting a C average I decided that with a lot of hard work and determination I would reach my goal and be on the Dean’s list.

I’m a 34-year-old father of two and work long hours. When I come home I make dinner for my kids, play with them a little while, and put them to bed. By the time it’s Penn Foster time, it’s about 9pm. I study until 2am and repeat the routine the next day. On the weekends I study day and night. My wife is a nurse and luckily has weekends off and agrees to watch the kids so I can study. I run my own business and it’s doing great, but I’ve always dreamed of having my degree. I’m proud to say today I finished my 17th exam of my 1st semester, and I averaged a 3.4 grade-point average and am on my way to be qualified for the Dean’s List. I look forward to getting my AS and keeping up the grade-point average. Thank you, Penn Foster College, for offering a program that allows me to reach my dreams and provide a better future for my family.”

BRIDGET C. of Troy, MOBRIDGET C. of Troy, MO

“This program helps me accomplish my goal of getting my degree but doesn’t require me to spend too much time away from my family.”

“I am a student at Penn Foster College currently enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Associate Degree Program. I am a stay-at-home mom with three wonderful children. My children are one, four, and seven. I love volunteering my time working with children; they are my passion. This program helps me accomplish my goal of getting my degree, but it doesn’t require me to spend too much time away from my family. Since I have started working toward my degree, I have been asked to take over as Nursery Director at a church and have gladly accepted. I was also offered a job at the day care where I had observed for a research paper, but I declined because I would like to finish school first. I had been out of school for 10 years, so I was terrified, but the study guide that is provided really makes it pretty simple. I would also like to add that it is very affordable and having a single income for a family of five, that is very important.”

Work/Life Balance Developing a Personal Strategic Plan

According to author Tracy A. Green many of us, especially working parents, struggle to keep balance in their lives and reach goals. Tracy suggests the use of tricks from the work place to develop a personal strategic plan. What comes so naturally for us at work can be daunting when focused on our personal life. Read more

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