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IRIS G.L. of Sliema, Malta
IRIS G.L. of Sliema, Malta

“Today I have a tiny business of my own, earning extra income from an age-old craft. I try to help others with new ideas, and all this thanks to Penn Foster. For you do not give us fish to eat, but you teach us how to fish in order to eat.”

“Some years ago, I was part of a team for a new project of founding a house for contemplative prayer. I found myself facing the dilemma of completely new work which I had never done before. Instead of nursing, I was now in charge of and running an apiary and a small orchard. There was a tiny piece of land on which we were planning to plant an olive grove. This never came to be. I remember the frustration of constantly asking for help on subjects like how to label, how to price, how to market. I received different versions and different ideas, sometimes contradicting each other. When the project was stopped because of numerous problems that occurred together, I returned to my parent’s house. At this time my father was very ill. My nursing warrant was lost and I had to look for another job.” Read more...



Leticia C.

“By the way, I now work for a financial firm, and I teach people about their 401Ks. I make more money than I ever thought I would.”

“My name is Leticia C., and I am originally from Brazil. Mine is not the “poor girl from Brazil who didn’t have anything” or “the American Dream comes true” story. No, my story is more real than that. Growing up in Brazil, I always had pretty much everything, including a college education paid for by my parents. But there was something missing: responsibility. I never finished one single semester, and I kept changing schools. Overall, I attended four different colleges in Brazil, and not one single semester was finished. Now, almost 30, I find myself in the United States, married, with a child, and no college education. I was working at a supermarket bakery. But my desire to get an education never went away; it was actually stronger than ever. One day a coworker mentioned something about Penn Foster. So I went online that night and I signed up.” Read more...


Once you’ve been called back for a second job interview, it may be tempting to think you’ve got it, but an article on suggests there’s still work to do. What is it about you that makes them consider you for the job? Why are you the right candidate? They may want to know more about your personal skills and interests to see if you fit in with the team, or they may want to see how you handle pressure. Expect more open-ended or challenging questions about your experience. Be prepared with examples in your head about projects you have managed and challenges you have met. A second interview is also an opportunity for you to address your own second thoughts or unanswered questions about the job or the workplace culture. Do you really want to work for these people? Read more...

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