Penn Foster News | September 2009


Once you’ve been called back for a second job interview, it may be tempting to think you’ve got it, but an article on suggests there’s still work to do. What is it about you that makes them consider you for the job? Why are you the right candidate? They may want to know more about your personal skills and interests to see if you fit in with the team, or they may want to see how you handle pressure. Expect more open-ended or challenging questions about your experience. Be prepared with examples in your head about projects you have managed and challenges you have met. A second interview is also an opportunity for you to address your own second thoughts or unanswered questions about the job or the workplace culture. Do you really want to work for these people?

Sometimes, second interviews will take place in a bar or restaurant. Your interviewer may want to see how you react in an informal setting or catch you off guard and tempt you into saying more than you would in a more formal environment. Forget your surroundings and stay as professional and focused as you would in a regular interview room.

If you are offered the job on the spot, express your gratitude, but don’t immediately accept…yet. Ask when they would like a decision from you. Think the offer over in your head and discuss it with friends to make sure you’re totally comfortable with the idea. Did the atmosphere feel right? Take this as an opportunity to negotiate a deal that’s right for you. This decision will affect you for years to come. Visit to read the entire article, “How should I approach my second interview?”.