“My name is Anniemae and I live in Nassau, Bahamas. I am a proud international student of Penn Foster College and am enrolled in the Accounting Degree Program. I am a police officer by profession, with 14 years of experience in the field of forensic science (scenes of crime) and fingerprint as a law enforcement officer in the Royal Bahamas Police Force. I am a single mom.

“The ancient adage ‘knowledge is power’ was true over a century ago and still holds true today. A well-rounded education will serve as a resource to you long after you would have left the halls of academia.

“During my time with Penn Foster College, I have found the institute’s online program to be most resourceful, and thus I have utilized it as a source of knowledge. The amount of information I have attained has propelled me in my personal, professional, and spiritual life. This knowledge has equipped me with the necessary skills to perform at an optimum level at my place of employment. As productivity and performance are key appraisal factors, I am now endowed with the education and know-how to conduct work more efficiently and effectively. In my personal and spiritual life I have been inspired and influenced not only to take on but also to welcome opportunities which I believe are destined to expand my horizons and improve my quality of life.

“The training I received at Penn Foster has given me a greater understanding of various aspects of business accounting, nutrition, financial management, and computer programs, just to name a few. The online course nature has caused me to be more organized as it was necessary for me to plan my days and weeks in order to stay current with readings and up-to-date with assignments and examinations. Additionally, the nature of this course has given me an extra boost of focus and drive, and it has helped me to fully realize that my success or failure depended almost entirely on me. Therefore, I am determined to ‘put my best foot forward’ and confront any challenge that arises to accomplish my goals of completing each course successfully. Accordingly, through the achievement of this goal, thus far, I have been able to receive greater credit and recognition at work and in numerous phases of my life. I would recommend Penn Foster College to anyone who is desirous to improve their education.”

   —Anniemae of Nassau, Bahamas


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