Medical Billing & Coding

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Your New Career

As a trained Medical Billing and Coding Professional, you can work at a physician's office, a rehabilitation center, clinic or private billing service. Medical Billing and Coding services are in demand by physicians and other health care providers around the nation. Get the training you need to begin your career in this exciting profession!

When you become a Medical Billing and Coding Professional, you'll do work that is vital to the success of any medical office. Doctors rely on you to accurately code diagnoses and procedures, prepare insurance forms, and handle billing. Every day brings new challenges and new opportunities. You can have skills that are in demand and the opportunity to earn great money.

Your New Skills

You can gain knowledge and skills you need to become a Medical Billing and Coding Professional.
  • Office Procedures
  • Law and Ethics in Allied Health
  • Body Systems/Terminology
  • Reimbursement Methodologies
  • Medical Coding
  • Insurance For Preparation
  • ...and more

Your New Diploma

You can earn your Medical Billing and Coding Career Diploma at home in as little as nine months. Expert instructors and support staff – dedicated to helping you complete your coursework – will be just a phone call or an email away.