Medical Transcriptionist

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You'll play a vital role in health care delivery by creating clear, readable medical documents from doctors' audio-taped patient notes. These documents will be used for medical care, medical recordkeeping, insurance reimbursement, and, in some cases, legal proceedings. Get the training you need to begin your new career in this exciting profession today!

When you become a Medical Transcriptionist, you'll be an important part of a healthcare team. Your knowledge of medical terminology, pharmacology, and confidentiality of health information will make you a valuable asset to any physician, hospital, or clinic. In addition to earning the respect of the professionals you work for, you'll have skills that are in demand and earn great money.

Your New Skills

Learn the skills you need to begin a career in medical transcription by completing the Medical Transcriptionist training program at home. Learn medical terminology, so you'll recognize the doctor's words. Gain PC and administrative skills to help a medical office run efficiently and effectively.

You'll get the knowledge you need to become a Medical Transcriptionist.
  • Introduction to Allied Health
  • Law and Ethics in Allied Health
  • Body Systems/Terminology
  • Basic Pharmacology
  • Medical Transcription
  • ...and more

Your New Diploma

Earn your Medical Transcriptionist Career Diploma at home in as little as four months. Expert instructors and support staff – dedicated to helping you complete your coursework – are just a phone call or email away.