Penn Foster News | November 2007

Dear Students,

In the past few months, 15 million college students started or resumed pursuit of their Associate or Bachelor’s Degree. I hope that included you.

If you’re a typical Penn Foster College student, you’re an adult with a ton of responsibilities, and this is one of your busiest times. But I want you to know that more than 4 million of those students who went back to college recently are over age 25. So, if you’re over 25, you’ve got lots of company among adults who have made their own education a top priority.

Most of you 4 million students spend your lives encouraging others to do what’s best for them, to achieve their potential, to take their studies seriously. Perhaps you don’t feel anyone is encouraging you to do the same. Well, you need to know that all of us at Penn Foster College come to work every morning rooting for you to hang in there, to take the next test, to complete that next course, and to move toward your college degree.

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than hearing from graduates who are grateful to Penn Foster College for equipping them to move toward a new career, a better job, and a more satisfying life. Here is what one recent graduate wrote to us recently:

“Penn Foster gave me the hope of fulfilling my dreams
of getting a college degree, at my own pace and at an affordable tuition.”
Daniel Sands
Penn Foster College Graduate

What will be your story? Your cheerleaders are here. If you need help from any of us, please give us a call or send us an email.

Your success is our driving force.

Richard W. Ferrin, Ph.D.
President (Head Cheerleader)
Penn Foster College

The Key to Success in the Workplace

Ever wonder why in some cases the high school dropout does better in business than the person who earned their MBA? According to noted researcher and business strategist Chuck Martin, the problem is often a mismatch between the person and the skills the situation requires.

“The qualities that truly define success remain one of the greatest mysteries in life; but I believe those who take the time to determine their strengths and weaknesses, and to then focus on what they’re good at, are most likely to succeed,” says Martin.

Do you possess the skills for success? Click here.

Penn Foster College Dean’s List

Click here to view the list of students who have recently achieved the Dean’s List honour and who have agreed to have their names listed. Congratulations to all!


What Do Penn Foster and the U.S. Marine Corps Have in Common?

In 1920, Penn Foster (formerly called International Correspondence Schools) donated its curricula to the U.S. Marine Corps to help in launching the Marine Corps Institute in Washington, DC. For years, the MCI diplomas were co-signed by the President of ICS and the Commandant of the Marine Corps. In 1926, ICS repeated its gesture and donated its curricula to the Coast Guard Institute.

Source: DETC

Tell Us YOUR Story

There is no one better qualified to encourage our students than someone who has personally experienced and met the challenges of distance learning. Many students need inspiration, motivation, and support just to enroll, as well as continue with and complete their studies. Email your story to [email protected], or mail it to Jim Healey, c/o Penn Foster, 925 Oak St., Scranton, PA 18515. We would love to hear from you.